Cookie files policy

  1. Cookies are small text files that websites send to a visitor's computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor's browser or to store information or settings in the browser.This information can be read only by the server that applied these cookies.The cookies are used mostly to monitor the activity of visitors on the website.Cookies contain mainly the name of the website they come from,time of their storage e.g. on the hard disc and other data (e.g. the numbers of session).
  2. The entity who uses these cookies and places them on the end device of the website Visitor is:
    • Cotton House Jakubiak
    • the service and marketing companies cooperating with Dywilan ( so-called Cookies of the third party)
  3. The purposes to use the cookies are:
    • adjustment of the website content to the preferences of Visitor and optimisation of the website use; particular files allow to recognize a device of the Visitor and display the website in the proper way adjusting to the individual needs of Visitor ;
    • making the statistics that help understand how Visitors use the website to improve its structure and the content ;
    • maintaining the session of Visitors and ensuring the proper work of all website functions;
    • suppling the advertisements adjusted to the interests and the needs of Visitors
  4. Under the website service there are used mainly 3 types of cookies:
    • session cookies - temporary files which are being stored on the end device of Visitor only until he logs out the website or closes the browser;
    • persistent cookies - permanent files that remain on the device of Visitor for longer time - depending on the parameters of the cookies or until Visitor manually deletes it;
    • third parties cookies - the files coming from the outside entities e.g.different advertising servers,service companies (e.g maps placed on the websites,social networks etc) cooperating with the owner of the website. They also allow to assess an efficiency of the marketing activities ( many persons clicked the particular advertisement or visit that website). The information generated by the cookies distributed by the third parties is managed by those parties according to their privacy policy.
  5. On the website there are used the types of cookies as follows:
    • strictly necessary cookies - enabling to use the services available on the website e.g.cookies identifying files used for the services which require an identification under the website,cookies files managing Visitor's logged-in status during the session;
    • functional cookies - these cookies allow the website to remember choices and settings Visitor has made e.g.the language or region Visitor comes from,the size of font,the look of the website etc;
    • efficiency cookies - these cookies allow to collect data relating to use of the website by Visitors
    • advertising cookies - supplying Visitors with the advertisements that e.g. fit Visitor's interests
  6. In the most of the cases the software enabling to display the websites e.g. the web browsers allow to store cookies files on the end device of Visitor. Visitors can change the settings of their browsers or the software relating to cookies files any time. The settings can be changed to block automatically the cookies in Visitor's browser or to inform Visitor each time on placing the cookies on his device.More detailed information how to manage cookies files can be found in the software settings ( the browser settings).
  7. Website operator informs that a change in the software settings (e.g.web browser) can adversly affect functionality of the Website.
  8. Cookies files which are placed on the end device of Visitor can be also used by the advertising companies or trade partners cooperating with Website operator.
  9. For more information on cookies please check Help in your web browser.